Top 10 Uses and Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil has list of proven health benefits and edible food cooked in coconut oil can boost fat burning that really help you lose weight and improve your health.

Coconut Oil For Cooking

Coconut Oil is one of the most popular oil and very different from other cooking oils that are also used in food preparation. Coconut oil is very rich in medium-chain fatty acids and high levels of saturated fat.

Coconut Oil For Hair

The powerful medicinal properties of coconut oil benefit hair, an effective treatments for hair loss, dry scalp and split hair. Coconut Oil is known faster hair growth and also best remedy for treating dry scalp and dandruff.

Coconut Oil For Skin

Coconut oil is the best home remedy for the natural health and beauty, an amazing and safe pack of skin and hair care. Coconut Oil has been used in many beauty products and also worked as face moisturizer.

Coconut Oil Pulling

Oil Pulling is the best home Indian remedy for breath, teeth and to improve your oral health. As per Indian Auyrveda coconut oil pulling clear oral cavity and kill bacteria.

Coconut Oil For Wounds

Coconut oil can actually help to heal wounds due to its antibacterial properties that can also treat acne, hemorrhoids and ear infections. The oil is commonly used in food, also use as a massage oil in hair and body.

Coconut Oil For Weight

Edible coconut oil contains medicinal properties, good amount of calories. Coconut oils also reduce hunger and helps in cholesterol and controls blood sugar level.

Coconut Oil For Calories

Coconut Oil is most commonly used in baked foods, popcorn and adds saturated fat and calories to the item. One teaspoon of coconut oil contains 40 calories, so don’t add tons of coconut oil in your food.

Coconut Oil For Beard

Just like for hair, coconut oil is an excellent and effective product for beard. Grow and maintain your beard with coconut oil that help soft, strong thicker and healthier beard.

Coconut Oil For Fuel

Coconut Oil was an important option for fuel in several tropical island countries and was used as a fuel for transport in the Philippines. The oil was the primary oil used for illumination in India.

Coconut Oil As Beauty Product

Coconut Oil has been used in many natural standard beauty products, face moisturizer, used in soap making, massage oil, for dandruff treatment and conditioner.

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