Top 10 Superb Home Remedies For Acidity

When you feel discomfort and heartburn, these may be some of the symptoms of acidity or acid reflux. There are many home remedies to treat acid reflux, Here is the list of popular natural remedy for acidity.

Basil Leaves


Tulsi or basil leaves are most effective natural remedy for acidity, heartburn, for acid reflux and other various digestive problems.

Mint Leaves


Mint leaves or pudina decrease the acid content and cool your body. Drinking herbal tea with mint leaves improves digestion and you can chew mint leaves empty stomach or drink mint water.


Put a clove in your mouth, immediately lower down the acid reflux and improve the process of digestion.



Honey is an excellent home remedy for acidity or acid reflux, can be taken with hot water or raw two teaspoon.



Bananas has a lot of benefits and advisable to eat one banana every day. Banana contains high amount of potassium and great for people with acid reflux.

Cumin Seeds


Cumin Seeds are a traditional relieve of acidity and improves digestion system. You can also drink jeera-pani instead of normal water after your meal.

Fennel Seeds


Fennel Seeds after meals not only removes bad breath but also help digestion system and acts as a coolant for the stomach.

Carom Seeds


Carom Seeds or Ajwain with black salt provides relief from indigestion and an effective home remedy to cure acidity. Boil the carom seeds in water and drink or chewing some Ajwain seeds after meal.


Buttermilk regularise acidity, Add one glass of buttermilk with black pepper, cumin seeds powder and mint leaves after the meal.

Coconut water

Coconut water

Coconut water is another natural remedy to cure acidity and burning sensation in stomach. A glass of coconut water is the refreshing natural drink and full of various nutrients useful to protect the body from acid reflux.

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