Top 10 Medicinal Flowers and Their Uses

Tree, plant and flowers are the part of human life and gifted us unique nature, green beauty and scents that makes you happy and cheerful. Here is the list of flowers with unbelievable characteristics used in herbalism and Ayurveda for medicinal purpose.


Peony flowering plants are are native to Asia and there are 33 known species are known, used as the most popular garden plants and cut flowers. The Paeonia herb has been used in traditional medicines foir their ability to help heal inflammation.

Plum Blossom

Prunus mume flowers are usually called plum blossom and the fruits and flowers are used in traditional medicine to prevent dental diseases.

Morning Glory

Morning Glory are perennial plants with attractive flowers, known for its medicinal uses and laxative properties. Chinese herbalists found that the flower fight bacteria, regulate blood sugar level and herbal remedy to combat stress.


Lilac flowering plants grows on rocky hills and a very popular ornamental plant in gardens. The essential oil from come from the leaves and fruit has medicinal benefits and flowers are edible with have some medicinal qualities.


Begonia are native to subtropical and tropical climates and also grown as ornamental houseplants, known for their bright colourful flowers used for digestive system, cough and brighten the skin.


Dandelions species of flowers are native to Eurasia and used in herbal medicine to treat infections, detoxifying the kidney and liver. Dandelion flowers are an important food source for certain birds and host
variety of medicinal properties.


Daffodil or narcissus flowers have been used as traditional medicines for variety of treatments such as Alzheimer’s disease, as medical herbs, application to wounds and painful joints.


Daisies flowers or Bellis perennis also known as common daisy are used in culinary and as herbal medicine for astringent properties to treat wounds, as tea and after certain surgical procedures.

Butterfly Pea

Butterfly pea flower from Clitoria ternatea plant are used as a natural food colouring and in traditional Ayurvedic medicine. The bluebellvine is the source of Butterfly pea flower tea and ingredient in herbal tea drinks throughout South East Asia.

Madagascar Periwinkle

Rosy Periwinkle is native and endemic to Madagascar, grown as ornamental and medicinal plant for the treatment of cancer and against several diseases in Indian traditional medicine of Ayurveda for diabetes and malaria.

The list of edible, herbal and the power of medicinal flowers, Indian flowers used in Ayurveda for list of herbal prepartion are Ashoka flowers, Rhododendron, Rose, Sunflower, Hibiscus, Tagetes and Indian lotus.

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