10 Superfood Trifecta of Ginger Garlic and Turmeric

Ginger Garlic and Turmeric are three most powerful healers,also used in Ayurvedic medicine to help in digestion, heal wounds, reduce blood sugar and also for cure common cold, flu and mild join pains.

Ginger combines with garlic, honey, lemon, basil leaves and when added turmeric power, becomes nature’s most powerful healers and boost immunity.


Ginger root is the most popular ingredients of Indian spice and a folk medicine in Ayurveda, from the family Zingiberaceae.

The strong distinct flavor and fragrance of ginger also has list of medicinal properties that cure colds, sore throat, cure diabetes, motion sickness and also help lowering blood sugar level.


Garlic bulb most commonly used for culinary purpose and also used for treating the common cold, ear infection when used with Luke warn mustard oil and boost the function of the immune system.

Ginger and Garlic paste along with Turmeric is the best medicinal Trifecta food with anti-inflammatory properties that help you with the list of common issues and health problem.


Turmeric is also a root which is native to the Indian subcontinent where known as Haldi and have been long used in Ayurvedic medicine as well as in cooking for coloring and as a flavoring agent.

Turmeric powder is the key ingredients in Indian dishes and host list of healing properties such as heal wound, mild joint pains, better digestion, face mask, body mask, haldi milk boost immunity and Turmeric contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory components that also offer positive effects on your skin.

Ginger with Honey

Mixture of crushed Ginger and Honey has tons of benefits and one of the best natural home remedy for cough and cold, sore throat and strengthens your immune system.

Garlic with Mustard Oil

Couple of Garlic bulb with warm Mustard Oil fight against bacterial infection in ear and can be added with cloves to do a massage over chest and back.

Garlic and Ginger Paste

Garlic and Ginger Paste is a well prepared mixture and also a homemade recipes for list of Indian dishes to curries.

Turmeric with Milk

A cup of warm milk and turmeric powder may reduce the Joint Pain,heal your internal wounds and also induces anti-inflammatory action in the body.

Turmeric with Honey

Turmeric with honey into morning warm water combined with lemon, has amazing health properties.

Ginger Basil Tea

Ginger Basil Leaves Tea is a refreshing drink and indeed different kind of tea, also add lime juice.

Turmeric Ginger Tea

Turmeric with Ginger Tea is a great health booster and the tea can also be used for health purposes to regulating diabetes, weight loss and to improve immune system.

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